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Our Studies

Our industry studies provide a thorough and informative examination of a variety of key industries that make up the economic base of the state. Typically, the industry is examined quantitatively by analyzing current and historical employment trends, identifying important niches of business activity, comparing the scale and nature of the industry in Massachusetts with key competitor states and regions, and identifying competitiveness issues and other key obstacles to the growth of the industry in Massachusetts. Frequently, these quantitative analyses are supplemented by field interviews with key informants in the industry and by in-depth surveys of industry firms and key institutions.

From the Cape and the Islands to the Berkshires, the regions of Massachusetts are unique; therefore the issues that they face are distinctive as well. Our regional studies provide insight into the unique economic development and public policy challenges facing the seven regions of Massachusetts.

Public Policy
Our public policy studies examine relevant public policy issues facing Massachusetts and its seven principal regions. These studies look at timely and pertinent topics of concerns to regions across the state as well as the Commonwealth as a whole. Frequently, these public policy studies are supported by regional and statewide public opinion polling.


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