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Study Description

Winners and Losers in the Massachusetts Housing Market: Recent Changes in Housing Demand, Supply, and Affordability (CHAPA II) (for the Citizens Housing and Planning Alliance).

Michael Goodman and James Palma, with Lali Kipshidze, Robert Lacey, Rebecca Loveland and Alexandra Proshina

(January, 2004)

A COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION of 2000 Census housing data underscores the depth of the housing challenge facing the Commonwealth, and reveals that the housing market in Massachusetts has created clear winners and losers. While many lower and middle-income families struggle to find and afford housing, others who entered the housing market earlier have benefited substantially and in numerous instances have gained substantial additional equity in their homes. Many people have been left behind in the current system. Among them are the very poor and low-income families and young middle-income families just starting out, who increasingly cannot afford to establish deep roots in Massachusetts. In a sense, all of Massachusetts loses, because the increasing costs of living here drives many talented people away and makes companies think twice about locating (or remaining) here.

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