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Study Description

Cable’s Impact on the State’s Economy Report Series
Kate Wilkinson, Carrie Bernstein, Rebecca Loveland, and Raija Vaisanen

New England’s cable companies contribute significantly to the regional economy and to local communities.  UMDI’s research on the industry documents the nature and scale of cable telecommunications in each of the six New England states and in the region as a whole and analyzes the economic contributions generated by cable telecommunications firms.  The reports identify state-specific program areas and investments while exploring the state of cable telecommunications infrastructure in each state and in the region. 

(Sepember 2011)

» Connecting New England (PDF - 3.0 mb)
» Connecting Massachusetts (PDF - 3.0 mb)
» Connecting Connecticut (PDF - 3.0 mb)
» Connecting Maine (PDF - 3.0 mb)
» Connecting Rhode Island (PDF - 3.0 mb)
» Connecting Vermont (PDF - 3.0 mb)
» Connecting New Hampshire (PDF - 3.0 mb)

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